Kathleen Christison, Justice Forgotten:  What Ever Happened to Palestine?

John V. Whitbeck, On Israel's "Right to Exist"

John V. Whit beck, One State Solution

Richard Falk, Slouching Toward a Palestinian Holocaust

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Hamas' Stand - LA Times OpEd July 10 2007
Following the military takeover of Gaza by Hamas, an official of the movement describes its goals for all of Palestine, takes on the issue of Israel's "right to exist," and offers a passionate plea for a future in which both peoples can live together.

Michigan's Vigilant Outcasts
After Henry Herskovitz visited the West Bank in 2002, he went back to talk to his Ann Arbor Jewish community about it. Finding the doors closed, Henry got active. “If you tell me 'A' and it turns out 'B,' I'm pretty mad. And if I find out later that you knew it was 'B,' now I'm in the opposite camp, and I'm really upset." Nearly each Saturday morning for the past three years, Henry has stood in silent vigil outside Beth Israel. The Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends (JWPF) formed when others joined him in a common cause: to rescue Judaism from Zionism.

A Life of Unrest"  Khaled Abu Hilal's Journey is Gaza's Journey:  Bleak, Violent and Headed Nowhere Hopeful
By STEVEN ERLANGER New York Times Magazine, July 15, 2007

This piece focusses on the effects of continued occupation on the society, politics and young people inside the Palestinian territories. The piece includes sobering data on what young Gazans think about the prospects for peace with Israel.