The Nassar family is one of the last Christian Palestinian families living and working in the fertile hill country south of Bethlehem. Daoud Nassar and his wife Jihan will be in Washington, D.C. from November 26 - December 9, 2007 talking about their life in Palestine, their educational work with their community, and their determination to preserve the family's 100-acre farm.

The family's farm, Daher's Vineyard, was named for Daher Nassar, who purchased the land in 1916. Daoud is one of eight grandchildren of Daher. The Nassar's farm stands alone, ringed by Jewish settlements and the encroaching Separation Wall, the last holdout in a region marked for annexation by Israel. The Israeli government has offered millions for the land and safe passage out of Palestine, but the family remains steadfast. "This land is our mother," says Daoud. "Our mother is not for sale. Under his leadership, the family has taken the case to establish the family's land rights all the way to the Israeli Supreme Court.

So far, the fight to save their land has cost the family over $130,000. While fighting their case and continuing to farm the land (including the ongoing project to replace the 400+ olive trees illegally uprooted by the neighboring Israeli settlers), and in order to demonstrate their commitment to peace and coexistence, the family has established "The Tent of Nations" providing arts, drama, and education to the children of the villages and refugee camps of the region.

Besides the courageous, unique and inspiring example of non-violent resistance to the Israeli Occupation represented by this family, which makes it a worthy cause in its own right, the survival of this Palestinian farm holds great significance for the dignity and survival of the people of Palestine and for the non-violent struggle for human rights everywhere.

Friends of Tent of Nations North America (FOTONNA) is a charitable 501c3 corporation. The corporation has been established to create a living bridge to Tent of Nations and to support the work of the Nassar Family to bring peace, dignity and sustainability to all the people of the region. Our support takes two forms: Land and People. Click on the link to find out how you can become part of this work, visit